5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees and Prevent Injuries

5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees and Prevent Injuries

Osteoarthritis is a common thing for people who are getting older. But did you know that aside from aging people, 20% of both men and women are affected by knee pain? This is especially true to physically fit individuals who have weak knees. Fortunately, there are so many exercises you can do to strengthen your knees and eventually prevent injuries when doing high-intensity workouts. Keep in mind that Knee strengthening exercises should be consistent for them to be effective. 

Common Knee Injuries and How to Prevent Them 

The most common knee injuries are sprains and dislocations. A sprain occurs when some fibers of the ligaments on your knees was overstretched or torn apart. Whereas, a dislocation happens when the patella (the round-shaped bone that covers the knees) slides out of its place or moved a bit. In many cases, wearing protective gear such as Dual Patellar Tendon Strap is your best move to prevent knee injuries. It’s also important to not over-train your knee muscles and keep weight training at a certain measure. 


Exercises to Strengthen and Protect Your Knees 

Making your knees strong is one of the most essential stability you can give to yourself – particularly if you are aiming to be an athlete one day. And to make sure you get served what you deserve, doing consistent knee strengthening exercises helps a lot! Here are 5 knee exercises perfect for beginners or pros. 

  1. Bridge 
  2. Jump squats 
  3. Straight Leg Raise 
  4. Wall Squats 
  5. Hamstring curls on a weight bench 

NOTE: These physical activities are also known to be one of the best knee injury prevention exercises. So that means you got the strength plus the reduced risks of knee injuries – which is like hitting two birds with one stone! 

How Bodyprox Protective Gear Can Enhance Knee Support During Exercises? 

Bodyprox enhances the knee support you need during any physical activity by offering breathable, flexible, and adjustable high-quality protective gear. For instance, we offer a Hinged Knee Brace that guides your knee’s natural movements with hyperextension prevention and develops your body’s patellar tracking. This product is particularly helpful for runners who need an open-back, wrap-around knee support without restricting their movements. 

But in case you are looking for a knee stabilizer to prevent sports-related injuries, Knee Brace with Stabilizers and Patella Gel Pad is perfect for you. This protective gear supports damaged knees and is a solution for those wanting to do high-impact physical activities that need extra protection from knee injuries. Additionally, this knee brace from Bodyprox has an open patella design to support the natural movement of the bone without adding too much pressure. 

Whether you are a professional athlete or just a casual gym-goer, Bodyprox Protective Gear gives you confidence because you know your knees are protected. And that, buddy, is incontestable.   

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