The Importance of Wearing Ankle Braces for Volleyball Players

The Importance of Wearing Ankle Braces for Volleyball Players

We can all agree that volleyball is a sport that can get more competitive, intense, and even aggressive to some people. Meaning, injuries (minor or not) are given depending on the level of intensity the players are in. The most common movements in volleyball are serving, passing, striking, and blocking – all of which require jumping and optimum support from toes to ankle. In that regard, players are sometimes recommended to wear ankle braces for volleyball because aside from reducing ankle abnormal motion, it can also avoid injury risks and weaken leg muscles. 


Common Ankle Injuries in Volleyball and How to Prevent Them 

The three most common ankle injuries in volleyball are sprains, fractures, and strains. Sprains occur when the ligaments are either stretched or torn, while fractures refer to a break or crack in a bone. Whereas, strains happen when muscles or tendons are overstretched or torn. All three of these ankle injuries can be painful and debilitating if not treated properly. But there are ways to prevent them to avoid further damage and costly medical procedures. Here’s how: 

  1. Learn the proper techniques and be knowledgeable in the right form of spiking, blocking, or passing when playing volleyball. 
  2. Engage in concentrated proprioceptive training to improve your balance and stability. 
  3. Participate in proper rehabilitation in case a minor injury occurs. 
  4. Use protective gear such as ankle braces for volleyball to reduce the incidence of any ankle injuries. 

Note: It’s important that an appropriate ankle braces for running is considered when choosing the perfect protective gear when you are playing volleyball. This is because mid-distance running is also an essential part of the sport. 


The Benefits of Wearing Ankle Braces During Volleyball Games 

Aside from reducing the risk of sprains and other ankle-related injuries by providing additional support and stability for the ankle joint, ankle braces for volleyball allow you to perform well on the court and ensure that you can move quickly and freely. Agility must also be your number one strength in volleyball, which makes wearing ankle braces perfect as it’s one of the significant main effects of wearing one. 


How to Choose the Right Ankle Brace for Volleyball? 

A few key factors when choosing the right ankle brace for volleyball are a proper fit, tightness, comfort, durability, frequent use, and the type of ankle brace perfect for your needs. Keep in mind that the utilization of ankle braces for basketball, soccer, or any other sport might be different compared to what you need for volleyball. 

As such, ankle support brace offers the right level of support, balance, and warmth because it’s made with medical-grade neoprene. On the other hand, an ankle support brace with a compression strap provides adjustable compression and it supports the arch of your foot for stability. 

Bodyprox offers ankle braces for a variety of sports and activities, including soccer, tennis, and running. The protective equipment offers by Bodyprox allows you to stay safe while playing your favorite sport or activity with confidence. 

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