Top 5 Ways to Prevent Knee Injuries During Weightlifting

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Knee Injuries During Weightlifting

Knee injuries are a circumstance during weightlifting – whether you are a beginner or a professional weightlifter. Knee injuries happen when too much pressure is applied to it and if it somehow can’t support 80% of your body weight anymore. And even if they are one of the strongest parts of the body, your knees, when added with extreme stress, can lead to major injuries like degenerative arthritis. 


Common Knee Injuries During Weightlifting 

It is stated that too much pressure on the knees due to extreme physical activities such as weightlifting can lead to injuries. This is because the knees support your body as well as the weight you are lifting. 

With this in mind, common knee injuries such as torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and torn posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) are most likely to happen. The former is a tear that developed during an improper weightlifting position. It stresses your knee joint and puts your body in a vulnerable position, thus, the wrong pressure. The latter, on the other hand, is due to losing your balance when weightlifting. Falling on your knees can already cause damage to your ligaments so what more if the fall has additional weight? To avoid knee injuries, knee protection for weightlifting such as knee sleeves are considered one of the best solutions. 


How to prevent knee injuries during weightlifting? 

1. Never skip warm-up practices before working out 

Warm-up routines help your body prepare for the physical demands of weightlifting. It should never be skipped or taken lightly. 

 2. Always wear the right shoes for the activity 

There are so many popular brands that offer weightlifting shoes. Wearing so can provide the optimum support and cushion your feet need when doing the activity. 

 3. Learn the proper form and techniques in weightlifting 

This is the most obvious way to knee injury prevention during weightlifting. With the right knowledge and techniques, you can ensure that you are not prone to injuries or even low-impact damages. 

 4. Maintain a healthy weight 

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for a professional weightlifter. This is to prevent putting a lot of strain on your knees and make sure that every lifting session is safe and effective. 

 5. Use high-quality sports protective equipment 

High-quality sports protective equipment guarantees knee protection for weightlifting. With gears such as knee compression sleeves, it allows you to lift heavier weights with confidence and stay away from painful knee injuries. 


Benefits of Wearing Knee Sleeves During Weightlifting 

Improved performance, protecting the joints from injury, and acting as great knee pain relief are just some of the many benefits of wearing knee sleeves during weightlifting. Knee sleeves also increase the blood flow in your joints which helps them to recover faster after intense physical activity. This equipment is also known as an essential device when doing knee-strengthening exercises – particularly for those who are a beginner in the sport of weightlifting. 

Bodyprox offers knee sleeves protective gear such as Dual Patellar Tendon Strap, Patella Tendon Strap, and Hinged Knee Brace. All of which have different purposes, comprehensive supports, and advantages to avoid knee injuries.    

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