Why Athletes Swear by Bodyprox Ankle Braces: The Science Behind the Support

Why Athletes Swear by Bodyprox Ankle Braces: The Science Behind the Support

We’ve heard it – and we answered. Bodyprox Ankle Braces are more reliable, offer more support, and cost-effective than ever before, and there’s science to back that claim. Athletes need better sports equipment to enable them to reach their true potential and not limit their bodies to what they can do. High-quality equipment made with reliable sports material is what makes an athlete a champion. And Bodyprox Ankle Brace is a living testament to that.

Common Ankle Injuries Among Athletes

The most common ankle injury among athletes is acute ankle sprain. Actually, this injury accounts for 16% to 40% of all sports-related injuries. Other common ankle injuries are ankle fractures and peroneal tendonitis which are both caused by high-impact sports such as football, soccer, running, and basketball. All common injuries mentioned are caused by overstretching the ligaments or tendons around the ankle joint – which an ankle support brace is designed to help.

Benefits of Wearing Ankle Braces During Sports

Almost 35% of athletes are fond of using ankle braces as protection from injury and for good reason. There are so many advantages to using this type of sports equipment but the most obvious benefit is it helps to reduce pain when doing extreme physical activity and serves as an armor for muscle weakness. Here are other benefits of wearing ankle braces during sports:


Prevent inward rotation and twisting of the foot or ankle

Sudden twisting and rotation of your ankle joint is a given risk factor if you are an athlete. This is especially true if you suddenly lose coordination or step on an uneven surface. Ankle braces act as ankle stabilization and are an effective solution for those who are prone to the said circumstances due to repetitive movements or extreme activities.

Reduces the development of scar tissue

As an athlete, it’s better to avoid scar tissues after a cut, sore, injury, or surgery because it creates a muscle weak point – particularly if it happens to be in the laterality side of your body (your dominant hand for example). By providing tremendous support, ankle braces for athletes help to reduce the amount of scarring that occurs and also promote a faster recovery.

Offers joint support

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur sports enthusiast, ankle braces provide the necessary support to ensure ankle sprain prevention and injury-free.


How to Choose the Right Ankle Brace for Your Sport?

First and foremost, getting the proper fit for your ankle is crucial. You don’t want it to be too loose to the point that its purpose is aimless. Second, choose a material that suits your preferences. Generally, knitted fabric is considered the best ankle braces for volleyball players because it’s breathable. On the other hand, neoprene fabric offers right ankle support for basketball players because it’s tight-fitting. It’s also important to get an ankle support brace with a compression strap to avoid wearing off situations during sports activity.

Lastly, take into consideration factors such as comfort, fit, and protection level. These things can make or break your experience with ankle braces when it comes to avoiding injuries and delivering cushion.
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