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Ankle Support Brace

Ankle Support Brace

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The Ankle Support Brace has both protective and preventive benefits that keep your ankle safe and supported. It features a shorter style that is more suitable for all ages when compared to our other braces. Get personalized compression with three adjustable straps with premium Velcro closure. The instep and heel remain open to promote comfortable movement without bunching or pinching. The brace is perforated to allow your skin to breathe while maintaining muscle warmth with medical-grade neoprene that relaxes tense muscles and ligaments while promoting circulation. 

Sold in a pack of 1.



Neoprene, Nylon, Polyester, Spandex


- Decreases muscle fatigue
- Improves blood flow & exchange of oxygen
- Reduces pain and controls swelling
- Increases muscle warmth
- Supports & stabilizes the ankle

Size Guide

One size fits most - fits up to an 11” foot arch circumference

Care Guide

- Hand wash in cold water
- Dry flat, do not tumble dry
- No bleach or fabric softener
- Do not wring out


You can expect your order to arrive 5-10 business days after placing your order.

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