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Elbow Straps

Elbow Straps

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The BODYPROX Elbow Straps provide targeted pain relief for forearm conditions such as Tennis & Golfer’s elbow. Repetitive motions can damage the muscles and tendons connected to the elbow, causing pain and swelling. Compression can help alleviate this pain and allow you to perform better and longer while aiding the recovery process. High-quality Velcro straps provide a grip that won’t loosen during use, ensuring you get the relief and protection you need to make it through the last round.

Pack of 2.


EVA, Nylon, SBR, Spandex 


- Adjustable fit
- Lightweight and discreet
- Targeted pain relief

Size Guide

One size fits most

Care Guide

- Hand wash in cold water
- Dry flat, do not tumble dry
- No bleach or fabric softener
-Do not wring out


You can expect your order to arrive 5-10 business days after placing your order.

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