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Knee Compression Sleeves

Knee Compression Sleeves

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Compression sleeves are a great way to optimize joint and muscle performance while preventing injuries. Your knees are under a lot of stress through daily activities such as running, working out, jumping, and even standing for long periods of time. Repetitive motions can cause small tears and strains in the knee muscles and ligaments, contributing to pain and swelling. They make a great addition to your gym bag, as they provide extra support and protection needed to minimize those risks and contribute to proper patella alignment allowing you to perform your best.


Nylon, Latex, Spandex


- Decreases pain and swelling
- Improves circulation
- Increases proprioception and muscle control
- Decreases muscle fatigue
- Maintains muscle warmth

Size Guide

Measure the circumference of your thigh 4” above your knee cap. Size down for extra compression

- Small  14.5” – 17” (37-43 cm)
- Medium  17” – 19.5” (42-49.5 cm)
- Large   19.5”-22” (49.5 – 56cm)
- Extra Large   22” – 24” (56-61 cm)

Care Guide

- Hand wash in cold water
- Lay flat to dry
- No bleach or fabric softener
- Do not iron


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