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Thigh Compression Sleeves

Thigh Compression Sleeves

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Wearing the BODYPROX Thigh Sleeves during heavy lifts promotes mind and body connection, helping to "engage" your muscles while training. Thigh sleeves improve blood flow to ensure your muscles get the oxygen they need to function while simultaneously preventing lactic acid build-up. Lower body compression is extremely popular when running as it absorbs shock and impact from your legs repeatedly hitting the ground. Thigh sleeves are a great alternative to compression tights when running in warmer weather or if you require targeted compression to protect weakened quads or hamstring muscles against further injury.

Made with a knitted blend of Nylon and Latex with 10% Spandex for extreme stretch that releases excess body heat and prevents skin irritation. The top of the sleeve is lined with silicone for a grip that stays in place and won't slide down during activity.

Pack of 2.


Nylon, Latex, Spandex 


- Increases blood flow
- Reduces muscular vibrations and decreases fatigue
- Combats DOMS
- Increases muscle warmth
- Enhances proprioception
- Helps manage swelling and discomfort

Size Guide

Keep your leg slightly bent and measure the circumference of the top of your thigh about a hand's width below the crotch

- Small   17”-20” (43-50 cm)
- Medium   20”-23” (50-58 cm)
-Large   23”-25” (58-63 cm) 
- Extra Large   25”-28” (63-71 cm)

Care Guide

- Hand wash in cold water
- Dry flat, do not tumble dry
- No bleach or fabric softener


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