The Importance of Ankle Braces for Basketball Players

The Importance of Ankle Braces for Basketball Players

We can all agree that a lot of people love basketball. In fact, the sport is not just played on a professional level but also on the streets where open space, a ring, and 5 of your friends are just exactly what you need. Many basketball fans also love the sport because it’s a matter of teamwork, and exciting, and come on, it’s fun to watch! The mechanics of the sport is also easy to understand and the moves can simply be practiced (dribbling and shooting) – even the kids say so! 

But akin to the fun and interest basketball offers, the players of the sport have a heightened risk of ankle injuries. Here’s where the importance of ankle braces for basketball players comes in. 

 Common Ankle Injuries in Basketball and How to Prevent Them 

Ankle Sprains are the most common ankle injuries in basketball. This occurs when you twist, rotate, or roll your ankle in a way it wasn’t supposed to. Lateral ankle ligament sprains hold 80% of all ankle sprains among basketball players. 

In case you were wondering how to prevent ankle sprains, wearing protective gear such as basketball ankle braces with straps gives you lower chances of injuries. It’s also important to stretch and warm up prior to doing the sport. Lastly, make sure that you wear the right basketball shoes to avoid tripping on the court.  

 The Benefits of Wearing Ankle Braces During Basketball Games 

Ankle braces are designed to provide support and stability for your ankle joint – especially when playing a physically demanding sport like basketball. If truth be told, a player wearing ankle braces has a lower chance of getting ankle injuries than three combined individuals playing without them. Also, a study states that incidents are 68% fewer if there are provided ankle support for basketball players. To make things more interesting, here are the benefits of wearing ankle braces during the said sport: 

  • Reduces pain 
  • Decrease the swelling of the foot and ankle 
  • Stabilizes the knee joint 
  • Allow players to perform well 
  • Keep players confident and strong while playing 

To keep you fascinated, ankle braces are a popular protective gear to many NBA Players – even Stephen Curry and Trae Young! So, are you ready to buy one? Here’s how. 

 How to Choose the Right Ankle Brace for Basketball? 

Buying ankle braces for basketball players can be crucial. Especially for first-timers. Well, say no more, because one thing that you should look for when getting one is its quality. You don’t want a protective gear that doesn’t find its purpose and doesn’t have the durability you came for. It’s also essential to find one that fits you. Otherwise, the ankle braces will keep on falling off while you are doing some intense physical activities or if it’s too tight, it’ll put too much pressure on your knees – limiting your movement and restricting appropriate blood flow. 

Bodyprox offers a high-quality Ankle Support Brace which is shorter and suitable for all ages. But if you want one that offers optimum fit, Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace with Compression Strap is perfect for you. This product is also for those looking for medium support only due to weak or damaged ankles. 

And to keep things going, Lace Up Ankle Stabilizer from Bodyprox is a sturdy yet flexible protective gear that features lace-up boot, straps, and compression cuffs. It’s also for basketball players looking for high-top ankle braces for overall protection.