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Face Wrap Gel Pack

Face Wrap Gel Pack

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The BODYPROX Face Wrap Gel Pack delivers heat and ice therapy to damaged or enflamed soft tissues in your face and jaw. Get targeted, hands-free relief for tooth pain, migraines, and oral or cosmetic surgeries. Cryotherapy provides instant relief to painful symptoms and can assist in a quicker recovery.

The adjustable wrap has four built-in pockets for the reusable gel packs to fit securely in place. Wear them all for all-around coverage or just a few for targeted pain relief. Our premium liquid gel stays soft and malleable while frozen for better comfort and coverage because who wants a block of ice strapped to their face?

Limit hot/cold therapy to 15-20 minutes, and use a towel if the pack is too hold or cold.


Polyester, Velcro, Liquid Gel


- 4 removable gel packs for targeted relief
- Stays flexible when frozen
- Velcro closure

Size Guide

30” length 

Care Guide

- Remove gel packs and hand wash wrap in cold water as needed
- Dry flat, do not tumble dry
- No bleach or fabric softener
- Do not wring out 
- Keep out of direct sunlight & heat

Microwave: heat packs for 15 seconds and test temperature. Heat in intervals of 5 seconds until the desired temperature is reached.

Boiling: heat water in a pot. Submerge packs for 2-3 minutes, and test temperature before use.


You can expect your order to arrive 5-10 business days after placing your order.

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