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Medium Gel Pack

Medium Gel Pack

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Perfect for small to medium size coverage for aches and pains. The hands-free strap allows you to sit comfortably while you recover naturally. Great for sore backs, arm muscles, shoulders, legs, and abs. Extremely versatile coverage.

Cold therapy effectively reduces swelling and relieves pain by constricting the blood vessels, and decreasing circulation to the affected area. Icing immediately after an injury can help with immediate and long-term swelling and potentially speed up recovery time! Heat therapy stimulates circulation and dilates the blood vessels, promoting blood flow to reduce pain. Heat therapy is best used for chronic pain or to relax a spasming muscle. 

Limit hot/cold therapy to 15-20 minutes at a time and use a towel or clothing barrier if temperature is too hot or cold.


Nylon, Velcro, Liquid Gel


- Flexible when frozen
- Versatile and instant pain relief
- Leak-proof

Size Guide

Gel pack   15” x 6”

Care Guide

- Spot clean with a sponge as needed
- Do not apply over open wounds
- Dispose of if damaged or worn out
- Keep out of direct sunlight & heat

Microwave: heat pack for 30 seconds and test temperature. Heat in intervals of 10 seconds until the desired temperature is reached.

Boiling: heat water in a pot. Submerge pack for 2-3 minutes, and test temperature before use.


You can expect your order to arrive 5-10 business days after placing your order.

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